Did you know that a business model exists that is owned and controlled democratically by its members?
And that works for the benefit of the community.

But what is a coop?



Have you got a brilliant idea and you want to start your business?
Are you a group of people wishing to set up a new enterprise?

How do you set it up?



Start your own cooperative now!
Someone out there is ready to provide you assistance.

Search for a local support point.

Did you know? 🤔#Coopedia is the result of worldwide cooperation🤝

Brainchild of @coopseurope led #CoopStarter 2.0 project (@EUErasmusPlus), developed with the support of
#coops4dev🌍 & implemented by @icacoop regions through the #GCEcoops programme.


⏳#CoopStarter 2.0 final event💻

For 3 years we have promoted youth entrepreneurship in #coops, built links with youth organisations and inspired cooperation through #coopstarter in Switzerland and #GCEcoops programs around the globe🚀
@LegacoopLiguria Liguria

⏳#CoopStarter 2.0 final event💻 is already on Thursday!

We have supported mentors, helped youth start #coops, built links with youth organisations and inspired cooperation globally through #GCEcoops project🚀

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Young #cooperative start-ups are still facing obstacles and need to have better access to support and legal information across the EU.

🗓Join our #CoopStarter 2.0 online event on 20 August to hear our recommendations to 🇪🇺policymakers.

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🚀Young people are starting up their own #cooperatives across Europe - with the help of our #CoopStarter 2.0 mentors.

🗓Join our online webinar on 20 August to discover their experiences and the tools YOU could use to start your #coop.

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🗓🔵Save the date!

Join us on 20 August for the final event of #CoopStarter 2.0🚀!

There will be two sessions:
🔹10:30 - 12:30: "2017-2020: 3 years in review"
🔹14:00 – 16:00: “Lessons learned – best practices and recommendations”

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🤔"How do I start a #cooperative? Is it the right business model for me? And the profit?.."

🚀Starting an enterprise is no small feat. But being part of a #cooperative is meaningful, profitable and sustainable.

Discover where to start👉 #CoopStarter

We have lift-off!🚀 Tonight our Greek🇬🇷 #CoopStarter 2.0 young ambassadors will host a coopathon to create a new #cooperative start-up with a focus on #CircularEconomy.

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🤔What advantages does the #cooperative business model present to the younger generations?

Join the @AEGEE_Europe webinar on the #CoopStarter🚀 2.0 project tonight to find out! Register 👉

Lorenzo Novaro, Project Coordinator presented 3 EU projects: #CoopStarter 2.0 on encouraging youth to start #coops with help of mentors, #SCC on co-working spaces & #Coop4Edu, inserting #coops in higher education curricula.

Find out more: #CoopsEU19

⏰ Dernier jour pour candidater à #CoopStarter !
1. Être accompagné.e pendant 1 an pour lancer son projet entrepreneurial
2. Renforcer son réseau pro
3. Participer à une expérience unique et formatrice
Et bien d'autres raisons d'y répondre 😎

Nous lançons l'appel à candidatures en France pour recruter les ambassadeur.rices de #CoopStarter 2 qui seront acc. pour dvlper leur activité et promouvoir le modèle coopératif 😎
⚠️ Candidatez avt le 17 Mai, ici :
#AAC #CS2 #ESS #ErasmusPlus #cooperation

Der neue #Newsletter ist da! Mit interessanten Infos zu der Event der Reihe #AndersWirtschaften, dem #CoopStarter Mentor Training und Reviews zum letzten Event und dem Auftritt im Kulturpark. Verpasse keinen Newsletter mehr #swisscoopstarter #SocEnt #Coops

Day 3 in the #GCEcoop training: mentors are working in groups to identify activities that they can do to support youth ambassadors in setting up multiplier events based on the methodology from #CoopStarter

🚀Day 3 of the #GCEcoops training in Manchester has started! Today we are working on upskilling the young cooperators and the first multiplier event included in the #CoopStarter guidebook.

#GCEcoop mentors are busy discussing different versions of mentor templates from the @CoopsEurope's #CoopStarter methodology during the training in #Manchester! 🤯🤯🤯

Day 2 of #GCEcoops the training of trainers in Manchester! Partners are identifying personas of the potential #GCEcoops ambassadors, ensuring that the mentorship corresponds to their needs and goals. #CoopStarter #coops4dev🌍

🇬🇧We are in Manchester this week, where #GCECoops mentors are working on tools this afternoon. It's time for learning styles assessment using the templates from #CoopStarter 2.0 project.

Thanks @Coop_CollegeUK for facilitating the sessions & hosting! #coops4dev🌍

Big news: #CoopStarter 2.0 inspired #coops4dev🌍 and has gone global! Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (#GCE) project aims to support creation of mentorship programmes to stimulate youth #coops entrepreneurship worldwide.

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Today we are also in Genova at the regional congress of @LegacoopLiguria, presenting our #CoopStarter 2.0 project and the partnership with Legacoop Liguria. Want to know more about the project? Head over to

🇮🇹Want to know more about youth & #coop entrepreneurship?
On Monday our partner @LegacoopLiguria will present #CoopStarter 2.0 project at the @EUErasmusPlus info days in Genova! Register >>

Cooperatives are a solution for youth unemployment across EU. Becoming a #CoopStarter will allow youth to make their own decisions on the labour market and work in a collective project towards a common goal.

Check to take a step towards a #coop start-up.

Cooperatives are a solution for youth unemployment across EU. Becoming a #CoopStarter will allow youth to make their own decisions on the labour market and work in a collective project towards a common goal. 

Check to take a step towards a #coop start-up.
European Youth Event@EP_EYE2018

Youth unemployment remains a key concern in Europe. Find out what measures the EU has put in place to help. More here =>

Director @AgnesMathis is attending the #SMEAssembly2018 where she presented #CoopStarter 2.0 during a workshop on mentoring.

Collective entrepreneurship can help youth create quality employment & ensure inclusion in job market. To find out more, visit

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We are a group of agencies from all over Europe providing support to new cooperative start-ups.
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